In a well-publicized scandal earlier this year a foreign ESL teacher in Korea was accused in the media — by his ex-girlfriend — of sleeping with her while knowing he might have HIV. It was basically a bad break-up gone public for no reason whatsoever, but did give the Sports Chosun a chance to wonder whether it’s white or black people who pose the greatest danger.

The impact of the revelation that white foreign teachers engaged in excessively abnormal acts is spreading.

Some white teachers use the fact that Korean women study English hard and that they are preferred to black teachers, and then engage in commit sexual assaults and similar crimes.

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Korean woman Kim (34), at a friend’s birthday party recently, met Australian native speaker instructor “A” (30) and entered into a relationship with him. But she became disgusted with A’s obsessions and deformed appearance and soon broke up with him.

The vindictive A knew that he might be infected with AIDS and forced Kim to have sex with him. On January 7 he sent her an e-mail saying, “last year in the Philippines I got drunk and had sex with two teen girls without a condom. After that I came to Korea and had sex with you without a condom. I can’t tell you how afraid I am. I think this is not good. I never even got tested for AIDS. When I think about you I know that we fought but I was happy. You were my best love, I really feel guilty. I’m not making this up, every part is true. I heard I can get a cheap AIDS test in Bangkok so that’s lucky.”

KITA, an association for recruiters of English teaches, put A on the blacklist on it homepage, warning, “he often puts his hand on the students’ bodies. It does not rise to the level of sexual harassment but it is absolutely inappropriate. Students and parents said they were suspicious of him.” But it has been revealed that A is still working in Seoul at a hagwon.

Also in Masan American teacher “B” (40), who has been teaching in an elementary school for one year, is suspected of harassing Korean women while pretending to be unmarried despite being married with four children. The victimized women, fearful of retaliation, refused to be interviewed but said of B, “he was always mixed up with women and alcohol and was a terrible role model for elementary-age kids.”

At the American high school “P” where B worked in 2005, he was discovered to have molested a 17-year old female student. That student, “K”, testified that, “at a school rally one girl student hit him in the face with a pie, and B immediately grabbed her waist and started rubbing his face between her breasts. And right after that he was fired.”

Another teacher, “T” (43), who lives in Andong, enraged netizens by writing in his profile on a forum site that his “favorite things” are “seeing sweat glistening on a women’s breasts, waist, and down the crack of her ass.” Teacher T also wrote that he likes to have sex in his free time.

Ms. Hong (28), who works as an English lecturer in Busan, said, “90% of the native speakers are white. That’s the result of the racial discrimination of Korean people and the greedy desire of the hagwon to improve its image. The white teachers pretty much all think it’s easy to get close to Korean women who want to learn English and then have sex with them.”

Citizens angry by the nakedly sexual talk and actions of those kinds of white foreign teachers are voluntarily trying to improve things. The 14,419-member strong Anti-English Spectrum ( is actively organizing a “citizen’s movement to toss out illegal English teachers”, requesting police and prosecution action. Site manager Lee (ID 엠투) said, “this year, too, we are focused on the issue of low-quality, lecherous, unqualified foreign teachers.”

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