Korea Beat, a part of the Galbijim family, was created to bring you a fun way to read Korean news as it’s actually written instead of as filtered into the pool of mediocrity that is the English-language press in South Korea today. We don’t create this content — we scour the Korean papers, media and blogs for the best stories and put them here, translated into English. What we promise to give you is the stuff Arirang Broadcasting and its partners in suck won’t — if you want the real deal, this is the place to be. Whether you want lesbian public radio in Seoul, the latest on fan death, or how Korean racing girls move from the speedway to the catwalk, it’s here.

In short, what you’ll read here is Korean blogs and news articles translated into English for your edification and enjoyment, straight, no chaser, with a lime twist of other random goodness.

Got something you want to let us know about? Requests for what you’d like us to translate? Let us know at koreabeat@gmail.com.

Regular contributors are Nathan and Dave.