Summer is the best time to experiment with fashion. Warm weather encourages people to try wearing brighter and more cheerful colors as opposed to winter when we tend to prefer more toned looks that exude calmness and sometimes might look slightly gloomy.

And while it is fairly easy to choose and style a new outfit, pick out a cute dress and try new colors, coordinating the outfit with the right footwear may stump some people. A popular choice is a pair of white sneakers. And of course, there is nothing wrong with that. They are comfortable, perfect for spending a lot of time outside and the white color is more summery than simple black. White sneakers (as long as they’re clean) can go with anything during the summer, be it a short floral patterned dress or a stylish office outfit.

But what other shoes can look good with a summer-style outfit? We’ve prepared a few choices:


Sandals are the traditional footwear of hot weather. They are the second-best thing to being barefoot and you won’t have to worry about that dreadful feet smell while wearing them. Most sandals designs are and look lightweight so they won’t add any extra bulk to your frame. They are perfect if you are not planning on performing any strenuous activities.

However, sandals tend to be made from rather flimsy materials that do not offer a lot of support for your foot. Spending a whole day in sandals can damage your feet. This is especially true of sandals that don’t have any straps around the heel. Wearing them a long time can cause blisters to appear. There are some quality sandals available that provide proper support to you should splurge a bit if you plan on wearing them for more than one season.


Wedges are a great choice if you want to give yourself some extra height without having to put on uncomfortable high heels. You can choose what height you want to be without looking too stuffy. They can have many designs, from colorful ones perfect for casual wear or ones with golden or silver straps that will suit both casual and formal outfits. A good pair of wedges can be just as comfortable as sandals or sneakers for walking around.

Wedges should last you a long time so it is good to invest in a brand that is known for their durability. You can buy wedges from Franco Sarto in a lot of designs such as sporty or espadrille style. They even make sandal wedges to combine the best of both worlds. Franco Sarto wedges are the perfect shoes to compliment your outfit and give you that summery vibe while still being feminine.


Do you want something even more comfortable than sandals? Why not give slippers a try? While they do not really suit formal outfits and you probably should not wear them to work, slippers can be a perfect addition to any casual summer look, even if you are not going to the beach. Wearing slippers will make you seem like a really chill person who knows how to enjoy herself.

What shoes to wear in the summer