This summer the Sports Chosun reported on the apparently growing popularity of businesses which combine strip shows, peep rooms, and prostitution. The picture below shows the location of a now-shuttered strip room in Gangnam. Apparently Superman made an appearance nearby.

In Gangnam the popularity of “strip rooms” is spreading, along with concern over their secret diffusion.

“Strip rooms” combine European-style “peep shows” with masturbation rooms, creating a new species of degenerate business — and prosperity is coming to them.

Not Your Daddy’s Strip Club

Recently two such locations exposed in Gangnam had been starting to expand into Cheongju and other area, evoking worry.

In a strip room, female dancers are exposed naked in a hall and dancing lewdly, and customers go into individual rooms to perform sex acts with women similar to doumi.

Operating in enclosed spaces, strip rooms don’t violate the law against lewd performances, and new regulations are needed.

The iron hammer of the police is coming down on the prosperous strip rooms of Gangnam.

On the 20th the Seocho police department confirmed that recently, in Seocho-dong and Banpo-dong, two strip rooms were shut down and the owners arrested.

Those businesses will likely be closed and five Thai strip dancers deported.

According to the police there had been rumors that the two businesses had been running popular strip rooms from the first month they opened their doors.

The one in Banpo-dong had been on ordinary shopping street with a clothing store and clinic, and put up just a sign that cleverly avoided exposure to the police.

The business, which had prepared a 3-pyeong stage, had four female dancers performing strip shows in shifts wearing only small masks. Customers watched the strip show from within 12 rooms around the stage, hidden by one-way glass.

The female dancers danced lasciviously on top of chairs, exposing their bare genitals.

Men watched from inside a 1-pyeong room, spending 30 minutes to an hour in sex acts with a female helper, the police said.

The strip room was punished for ‘abetting prostitution and breaching the law related to such acts’. That is, the law concerns not the strip shows themselves but only lewd acts.

Currently they are being punished for performing lewd acts while being watched by an audience, not for the majority of acts which took place in small rooms.

In Seocho the teen girls’ association announced, “a strip show in a closed, not open, place is not a violation of laws against public lewd acts, and without related laws control of them is difficult. After a surprise raid arrest warrants were taken out for aiding in acts similar to sex.”

The police said, “the strip room charged a 40,000 won per person admission fee, and to be involved in sex acts cost an extra 30,000. The owner had two locations where he pulled in 8.5 million won every 10 days.”

In the Bukdae-dong and Gagyeong-dong areas of Cheongju a different kind of strip room is gradually spreading, and concern over them is following. Legal judgment of them in regard to sex acts is currently mixed, as there is no law which can punish a person just for operating a strip room.

Due to extensive enforcement against red light districts, they are superficially selling sex but as they become gradually more secretive they are infiltrating residential areas these kinds of perverted businesses, cleverly exploiting gaps in the law. Authorities are demanding countermeasures.

A source with the Seocho police said, “as these morally degraded business are in the first stages of spreading we cannot catch them directly, so it’s important to stamp them out early. It’s vital that citizens quickly give us tips.

Not Your Daddy’s Strip Club